Tuesday, August 07, 2007

1,2,3, ..... 23, 24

Well looks like I am racing the Across the years multiday race. I am racing in the 24 hour division. Its about as far as I can go at the moment. I am excited, nervous, and scared about this. Its a long time. I would ideally like to get in 62 miles but that is a long long ways to go. I never even been that far on a bike. I would be happy to get in 50 miles. More than happy. ITs my first goal. I figure though with swimming, biking, running, water running and weight lifting I will be able to get somewhere. now I just need to drop about 40 lbs in the next 5 months or so.

speaking of swimming I have my first 5k open water swim coming up soon also. That should be exciting.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Same half the man I used to be

Well Spirit of Racine has come and gone. With spirit of Racine being done I also get my bike trainer room again. what does this mean? it means I get to get back onto the computrainer and bike all I want. Thought with Spirit of Racine being over I really do not have to by too much. I still have 3 tris left for the year but consideing I biked 56 miles the 24 and 12 mile courses should not be a problem. Now I need to really work on the swim for my 5k race in September. It will be the day before the alpine races.

My finish time for Spirit of Racine was 8:29:32. I took about 15 minutes off my half ironman PR.

It was a better race and actually tampering for it was very useful. I came accross the line last but not be alot and because of chip timing and wave starts I beat 3 people (one by 15 minutes). I was able to drink thanks to my camelbak.

I might attempt my first 24 hour race at the end of the year so I can not sit back and rest. I need to train harder now but its not not having a hard race until Chicago marathon.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I am Half IronMan

As of Sunday I am some sort of Iron alloy man. Just completing the Rockman Half Ironman triathon on sunday. I am excited about this. Sunday I did my first 1.2 mile open water swim. 56 miles is the farthest I ever biked at one time, and well jsut another half marathon. I even bet about 20 people in the swim. Man I am good.

I was poorly hydrated and had poor nurittion which is something I have to work on for next time. It was in the low 80s in the run and I had no water for the last 6 miles so it was a struggle but I did it.

Monday, February 05, 2007

What's wrong with me.

"Fing Grossman" - Todd after the superbowl.

Its more the bears offensive. They did nothing at all. they had a chance but they got so outplayed so badly on offense its not even funny. It was a sad sad day in Chicago. Chicago finally got to the world stage all they needed to do was win and everyone would been like hey they were not such a sad team after all. Atleast the score was pretty close but the stats were no wear near close.

needless to say I am falling behind in my goals. I might not do one of the HIMs I was looking to do this year since well I am way behind in my training. 2 weeks into it and I have done 1/2 the training. I move the computrainer into the other room but I yet to finish setting it up. I have to do it today and ride it. I need to reallt bike alot more than I am. Swimming is proving nicely though but without the bike my weight is creeping up again. I need it to go down.

Good news though. If you read runner's world this month you will see exactly what is wrong with me. I have a tight IT band. IT band is tight since I have weak hip anductor muscles. Jen from Athelico in naperville proved that to me. what does that mean for me? Means in 3 weeks I think I get to run again. I will be slow and sad but I will be out there. why 3 weeks? Well this weekend it will be way too cold and next weekend I am skiing with Stephanie and Ron and some other people. Needless to say soon I will be back. I just have to massage the it band and build up the hip anductor. Ironicly I thought it was the other part of the quad that was weak up I was wrong.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Advantage Lora

I am seeing Athelico today about my knee and my back. Back is just a painful but its just weird problem that really does not bother me ever but when I feel it, it really hurts. That is why its weird.

I been using the form roller for the last 2 days which is good for a do it yourself deep tissue massage. Guess what. My feet are in better position and I think that might be the key. my knee problem could be a result of an tight IT band. IT band has been tight and usually is very tight when I do a LSD. I found out that causes your feet to come out of alignment which it is. The misalignment does cause alot more pressure on your knees and bam. tenditious. I go on the foam roller and bingo my feet are lined correctly I do not even have to force it. I thought it was a muscle imbalance but its more like a tight it band. It feels like a muscle imbalnce since it took alot of msucle to try to force the knee into the right posistion.

why do I say advantage Lora? since she gets massage she never tightens up so much and she can stay healthy. We can all learn from that. Not saying you need to spend as much as she does on a massage but it shows the importance of flexibity and streching.

Monday, January 29, 2007


That is right I got married. I got married to my long time sweetheart. It was so sweet.

ok now I have you all laughing I am sad. The girl I been working to date is married. That is right married. Why are all the good ones married?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Curling and the computrainer

"Do not worry the rocks are very smart. They know what to do." -Liz the Intro to Curling lady.

Well today I am hurting. My knee hurts bad and Elbow hurts. Knee hurts from dragging it on the ground at curling and my elbow hurts from my computrainer crash. I am on the new trainer and sure enough I fall and hurt myself on my first 15 mins on it. I was able to get the swellowing down on my arm and I got back on and won my first race against the metal man. I really should not bike on central park since its so short but I figure I fell once and its a good way to test it out and it was getting late. I also do not have the candense monitor set up yet. Better than biking on the spirit of Racine course which is 56 miles for the test. I need to start do the Chicago Triathlon course.

Curling was fun and I was so about to sign up when it hit me. I can not swim at 5:30 am if I am curling the night before. I decided I better let my dream of curling go for now. Maybe after I done my IM and I was out or to take a break from tris. You can not do everything and and curling is not cheap either. If I get into on my 4th year its more than my gym membership would be for the year.

I was up too late last nigt and I over slept. I might been able to go to swimming but considering the road were probably not all that great and because of last week I get a little gun shy. oh well. atleast I have the trainer to play with :).